24 rolls double length (400 sheets) 3-ply 100% recycled toilet paper

The Rollieco


Regular toilet papers are made from virgin pulp. This means globally 27,000 trees have to be cut down just to satisfy our toilet paper demands. We feel there has to be a better choice.

Our toilet papers are made from 100% recycled papers from post-consumer (books and documents) and industrial sources (offcuts from paper product production). By using recycled papers, we extend the useful life of paper fibres, reduce the demands to cut down new trees and increase the demand for the paper recycling industry.

                  Toilet paper made from 100% recycled paper

                  24 rolls per carton

                  400 sheets per roll (double of what you find in supermarkets)

                  3-ply dot embossed

                  No ink, dye or scent

                  Individually wrapped for hygiene (paper wrapper can be repurposed and subsequently recycled)

                  Plastic-free packaging

                  1 tree planted for every box sold

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