Famspace aims to build a family comprising of like-minded businesses and individuals via a marketplace. Singapore is home to many local start-ups and businesses. Recognising that more can be done for these local companies as well as companies that embrace sustainability, we are creating a community through a one stop portal that connects and supports these businesses with their consumers.

Our mission is simple: To support local companies and build a better, more sustainable future for everyone. When you purchase something on Famspace, you’ll know that you’re not only getting a quality product but also supporting local brands as well as conscious brands with beliefs that align with yours. We believe that every company (however small!) should be celebrated and we want them to succeed. The more we can help these companies succeed, the more the world will start to notice that this little red dot has so much to offer!

Join us as we nurture a supportive and sustainable future together! There’s only one world that we live in. If we don’t make it better, who will?